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4 Ways to Start Spring Cleaning During Break

Spending spring break at home gives you time and the opportunity to start your spring cleaning (take that, cool rich kid travelling to Cuba). Here are some of my favorite ways to begin decluttering for the new season. 

1. Start compiling unwanted clothing items to donate 

With the weather warming up, you’ll want to start sorting through your wardrobe and compiling cold weather pieces that you haven’t quite been gravitating toward anymore. It doesn’t make sense to hold onto something you know you aren’t going to wear, and you can start making room for your new spring wardrobe. 

2. Throw away old makeup & brushes 

It’s time to toss those nasty makeup brushes that— let’s be honest— you wash every once in a millennia. Same goes for that cracked pressed powder, glittery fuschia pink lipstick, and three-year-old drugstore foundation. Cleaning out your cosmetic collection and buying fresh beauty tools and sparkly new makeup will make you feel one step closer to having your life completely together. 

3. Wash those bed sheets 

I know you’re technically supposed to wash your sheets every other week, but, with classes, internships, and part-time jobs, who really has the time? Though long overdue, pop those babies in the washer and get ready for the best sleep you’ve had in a long time.  

4. Organize notes & files 

To me, spring cleaning extends beyond just the physical. With much-needed free time, you can start organizing your class notes and files, going in and filling in any gaps in information or cleaning up your online files. This will be great prep for the upcoming midterms or finals. 


Journalism major at Emerson College. Coffee and clothing enthusiast.
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