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4 Thoughts That Every Second Semester Senior Has

It’s halfway through February, which means there are less than three months left of the school year. If you’re like me – a second semester senior – you’re going through a roller-coaster of emotions. Sure, there are some really great things associated with spring, like spring break in a few weeks and the seasons changing, but then on the other hand, graduation is quickly approaching and ultimately that is terrifying. Here are some thoughts that are common among second semester seniors.

1. What about grad school?

Let’s face it; once the second semester of your senior year rolls around, the motivation to get As is kind of lost. But what if you want to go to grad school next year? Or in five years? Or in 20 years? You’ll need the grades for it, so is it time to work hard now?

2. Is this senioritis?

Yes, I have to read seven chapters from three different textbooks and write two five-page papers this weekend. No, I’m not going to do it. What am I going to do instead? I’m going to lay in bed, switch back and forth between Netflix and Hulu and eat an entire tub of chocolate chip cookie dough.

3. Being in school vs. being an adult

I don’t want to stay here and have to do homework and go to class, but please don’t push me into the real world.


This is the worst one of all – when do you start to apply for jobs? How do you find jobs online? What do you want to do after graduation? *Cue the frantic phone calls to your parents everyday.*

Adulthood is scary. We’ve wanted to be out of college and become adults since day 1 of college, and now that it’s less than 90 days until graduation (OMG!!!!) we want to start over again. But the world can’t be that scary, right?

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