4 Spring-Themed Decorations for Your Dorm

It’s that time of year in Boston: some days it’s 60 degrees, some days there’s a blizzard warning. Still, spring is on its way, and before you know it, all that slush outside will melt away and warmth will finally return for real. To get yourself ready, there’s no better way than to bring some spring life into your dorm. Here are some dorm room-friendly decorations to try out.

Floral string lights

String lights are a college dorm room staple. I love the soft, chill ambiance that it adds to my room. Getting string lights with flowers adds a little more personality to your room because the flowers will look cute when the lights are off, and when you turn them on, you can maintain that sweet mood lighting.

Fake plants

If you’re better at handling responsibilities than I am, take this one up to the next level and get some real plants. However, I’m awful at taking care of them, so I like to add some fake flowers and greenery to my room for appearances’ sake. Also, I like to be able to transport them easily, especially since we’re already almost halfway through the semester.

Spring scents

While candles are contraband if you live on Emerson’s campus, there are still fun ways to bring spring scents into your room. Essential oil diffusers can offer some sweet florals, and they can help your mood as well. I also like plug-ins, which are available at a lot of retailers that sell candles. Plug-in scents last a pretty long time from my experience, so it’ll last you for a while.

Artwork and posters

Why not add some cute nature scenery to your room? I’m a big fan of flowers, if you couldn’t already tell. I like to keep floral-printed posters in my room, but you can also hang up photography or other prints to get the same effect. Looking at the artwork around you is a nice reminder that spring is coming, and the cold is going to end soon.