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4 Cute & Protective iPhone Cases

iPhones have gotten thinner, and that’s great for anyone who likes the sleek design and can throw it easily into a handbag or pocket. However, there is a sacrifice we need to make—if that phone drops it’s more likely to get scuffed up! Here are a few cute cases that will also keep your iPhone as safe as possible.

1. TOTUDESIGN Authentic Pu Leather Flip Bracket Window Cover Protection Case

This case may not be the best against a hard fall, but it is cute, available in many colors and the leather covering will protect your iPhone from scratches and dents.

2. OtterBox Statement Series Case

If you want protection, an OtterBox case is the way to go! This one is even better than their others because it features a clear window that showcases the actual iPhone. So many times, iPhone cases are so bulky that they cover up the beautiful colors and surface of the iPhone. With this, you can protect your phone from a drop, yet show off the shiny rose gold you paid hundreds of dollars for.

3. FUZ Designs Sleek Protective Felt iPhone Case

I am obsessed with this case. Apparently the fuzz is a shock absorber. Not only that, but it is super cute and gives your iPhone a cozy feel. The front of the case has a built in screen protector that will make sure the screen doesn’t get scratched. For the quality, the price of this case is great!

4. Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6s

Who wouldn’t want this case? I know it’s really expensive, but look at it! It’s like a briefcase for your phone. I’m not usually into phone cases that have pockets for extra cash or credit cards. After all, why would you want that sticking out of the device your friend will inevitably grab to take a selfie with? This phone case is the exception to every rule ever. If you want to look and feel classy every time you check Instagram, you need this case. 

All these cases are gorgeous and fit a variety of budgets, so don’t worry if you can’t afford one you like. There will always be another. Sometimes, great cases will cost less than $20! Take a look at these and see if you’re willing to treat yourself and your phone to a new accessory!

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