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20 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

Hello and happy holiday season! Whether you choose to celebrate a holiday in the winter months or not, winter has always been a time to celebrate what you have, and give what you can. When you’re choosing to give back, it’s important to make sure that you are giving to organizations that are actually going to put your money to helping others. Below is a list of things you can do to give back, which includes donating to ethical organizations. For a full list of vetted charities, check out this consumer reports article.



Donate to A Charity

  1. Animal Welfare Institute, Washington, D.C.

  2. Hearing Health Foundation, New York, N.Y.

  3. Cancer Research Institute, New York, N.Y.

  4. Compassion International, Colorado Springs, Colo.

  5. American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, New York, N.Y.

  6. American Kidney Fund, Rockville, Md.

  7. Partners in Health, Boston, Mass.

  8. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, New York, N.Y.

  9. Homes for Our Troops, Taunton, Mass.

  10. Earthworks, Washington, D.C.


If you can’t give a financial donation at this time, there are still plenty of ways to give back to your community during the holidays. There are a few easily navigable websites that give full schedules of one-time or repeated volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Your Time

  1. Volunteer Match

  2. Boston Cares

  3. Boston Red Cross

  4. MeetUp

  5. EventBrite


Do you want to encourage others to start donating? If your holiday celebrations include giving gifts, consider giving a charity gift card to your friends or loved ones. Just remember, not all charities are created equal, so do research before you choose the recipient of your donation.

Give The Gift of Charity

  1. TisBest

  2. Charity Choice

  3. Charity On Top

  4. Global Giving

  5. Kars 4 Kids: Get a gift card you won’t use? Donate it here!

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