10 Ways to Unwind

Life is hard sometimes and I don’t know about you guys, but when I get home I am exhausted! The only thing I want to do is relax, and sometimes there is no time for that, but I know, and you know, that if we want to continue to be awesome we need to find the time. Maybe you don’t know how to relax or your mind is racing and you just cannot get comfortable. Well, I am here to tell you that there is a way! Hopefully, these 10 tips on how to relax will help you out!

1. Change Into Comfortable Clothing

When I get home from school and work the last thing I want to be wearing is the outfit I wore all day long. Especially when you have been riding the train all day, god only knows what those seats have been through. So get into your old, worn out, very comfortable t-shirt, and baggy sweatpants and hit the couch or bed. Nothing feels more relaxing then changing into cozy clothing!

2. Read a Book

I have about four books that I bought months, maybe years ago that have not been touched since. Reading is such a relaxing thing to do and it really gets your mind off of all the distracting things.

3. Unplug

There is nothing more stressful than technology. We are so addicted to these little computers in our pockets that most of the time we are missing out on what is in front of us! Chat with your girlfriends, sit in silence, whatever. Just stay away from the technology! It will feel so freeing, I promise.

4. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

I said it once and I’ll say it again, yoga is such a great relaxing exercise to do. Focusing on your breathing can help put your mind at ease. If yoga does not spark your interest then you could always sit in your room and meditate a few minutes. Just empty your mind and listen to your breathing. Trust me, you will feel so much better.

5. Take A Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is a beautiful thing. Light some candles, put on a face mask and relax in the warm water. Take in that pure relaxation. I am positive when you are out, you will feel so relieved and fresh.

6. Do Some Crafting

Even if you are not a good artist it does not matter. Get some watercolors or an adult coloring book and color away. Your mind will be focusing on what you are doing rather than all the other nonsense in your life.

7. Wine

Wine is the best medicine. Grab your favorite bottle and pop it open. Put your feet up and listen to some soothing music. It will take the stress away after a glass or two.

8. Write

Write out everything you are thinking about and all of your feelings. After you get it all out of your system the rest of the night you will have an empty mind, and you can enjoy your Netflix.

9. Eat

I am the biggest stress eater, I could eat an entire package of Oreos and be perfectly okay with it. I know people say we shouldn’t stress eat, but I am telling you otherwise. It’s okay once in awhile to pig out, especially after a long day of craziness. So you eat that chocolate.

10. Laugh

Do something that makes you smile and laugh. Whether that is watching a funny movie, hanging with your friends, or just talking to your sweetie. There is absolutely nothing a good laugh cannot fix.