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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

1. Bring a reusable bottle to the dining center!

Save money on things like milk and orange juice by filling up a bottle in the dining center! The nice thing about this is that you don’t have to worry too much about expiration dates on milk because you’re only getting enough for a day or two! Not to mention it’s free…well included.

2.  Bring Tupperware to the dining center!

Why only get one meal with a meal swipe when you can get more? Bring a little Tupperware to the dining center for things like veggies, fruits, hummus, and even salad! Essentially anything you can store in your fridge and that you don’t want to buy at the grocery store.

3. Share your textbooks!

Okay, college textbooks are ridiculously overpriced not to mention a lot of the time you need more than one book for a class. Odds are you don’t need to use your book every day so why not split the cost with a friend taking the same course?


You have no idea how many stores, restaurants, and entertainment chains offer student discounts. Especially if you live in a major college city like Boston, businesses have major discounts for you. Take, for example, the museum of fine arts sells general admission tickets for $25, but with a student ID you get in for free!

5. Don’t underestimate the savings of UberPOOL!

I can tell you right now that you’ve been paying way too much for your uber ride home. By opting for uber’s rideshare program you’re able to split your fare in half with another passenger! I mean, you’re already taking a ride from a stranger what’s one more stranger in the car?


College bookstores are sneaky, they think they can scam you $5 for a $2 notebook just by slapping the name of your university on it. On Amazon you can buy school supplies, cleaning supplies, feminine products, really just about anything for way cheaper than any college bookstore, Target, or CVS near you. Not to mention textbooks!

7. Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Student Prime!

Yes, you can get free amazon prime for up to six months just by being in college. And after your free trial, the membership is only $5.49 a month!

8. Sign up for Spotify Premium as a Student!

Signing up for Spotify Premium as a student is only $4.99 a month! What?!?

9. Go to events on campus!

You know how most clubs and events on campus reel students in? Two words. Free. Stuff. Organization fairs, general club meetings, campus-wide events, you name it, they will most likely have free stuff for students attending…and a lot of the time its food! (Who doesn’t LOVE free food??)

10. Ask your university to sponsor a meal with your professor!

Wait what? My school will pay for me to eat with my teacher? Yep. Not only is this a neat way to save a little cash, but you’re spending valuable time with a potential mentor in your professional endeavors. It’s like a classy version of office hours!

Emerson contributor