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10 Unrealistic Summer Plans We Make in College

1. Skydiving

This is a summer favorite. The idea of jumping out of a plane attracts even the most shy college students. This amazing experience is put on every bucket list, and is typically planned to happen during a college summer break. Don’t get too upset when you don’t do it this summer. It’s expensive and scary. Most people chicken out for one or both of those reasons.

2. Getting a tattoo

You’re an independent adult who deserves to be yourself in whatever way you see fit, right? Well then why do most college students chicken out on getting a tattoo, a very popular trend these days? It comes down to parents who don’t approve, and the fear of the permanence of a tattoo. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen this summer, though. You have plenty of time.

3. Going on an epic road trip

Summer time is the time to grab all your friends, and hit the open road. In reality, it’s hard to find a free weekend where everyone can go on a wild road trip. With work, vacations, and family obligations, most of the time those epic trips are unrealistic.

4. Landing that incredible internship

We all want that amazing internship with an equally amazing salary… But so does everyone else, which is why those jobs are the most competitive. So don’t be discouraged when you work in an ice cream shop this summer. So are thousands of other college students.

5. Getting the perfect “bikini ready” body

We watch all of the weight loss commercials this time of year asking if we want a bikini body. We set goals and plan out exercise routines, but very few of us are actually successful. Just feel comfortable in your own skin and this minor set back won’t seem like a major defeat.

6. Having a summer fling

We all want summer love, but summer flings are not all they’re cracked up to be. Don’t seek out summer flings, because most of the time they are not worth the trouble. Girl power!

7. Going to the beach every day

Unless the beach is right in your backyard, it is almost impossible to go to the beach every day. The cost of gas and the time it actually takes to get to the beach is just too much to do every day, especially if you have a job.

8. Seeing your friends every day

Of course you want to see your best friends everyday, but most of the time your job schedules and vacations don’t line up perfectly. Don’t freak out, though. Summer is three months long!

9. Going on an incredible vacation

We all want to go to a tropical island or foreign country, but money is tight with you in college. Just remember that college will get you that much closer to a great job that will pay you enough to go on your own vacations one day. Hang in there!

10. Becoming a different person for the next school year

It’s a weird fantasy we all have. We want to go back to school a completely different person. Whether we cut our hair or try to get in some extra sun for a tanner complexion, we want to get noticed. But we’re still the same person. Which is a relief, because we’re pretty awesome. 

I am a Writing, literature, and Publishing Major. I love Netflix, food, and sleep. College lets me experience all 3 of my favorite things simultaneously.
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