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10 Thoughts While Writing a Last-Minute Essay

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

If you are anything like me, procrastination is an inevitability. It doesn’t matter how far in advance you receive an assignment, because you will always wait until the last minute to get started. Most of the time, everything turns out alright. But there are other nights, night when you truly miscalculate the amount of time a project or an essay will take you, that you find yourself staring down an all-nighter. That’s when the panic starts to set in. But don’t worry; you’re not alone! Here are ten thoughts all students have while working on a last minute assignment. 

1. I’ve made a terrible mistake.

I got this assignment weeks ago—why didn’t I start it earlier?!

2. Sorry professor, but this paper is utter shit.

I’m really sorry you’re going to have to read this.

3. What is my thesis?

Do I have a thesis? What am I​ even writing about?  Oh well—too late to go back now.

4. Wow, the bags under my eyes are BIG.

They are scars of war, and I will wear them with pride.

5. I need coffee.

Or a 5-hour Energy. Just anything to keep me a​wake.

6. I wonder if anyone else is awake right now.

I really hope the rest of my class is in the same state as I am right now.

7. What if I just didn’t sleep tonight?

I’d get to see the sunri​se. That might make me feel a little bit better.

8. I have lost all ability to concentrate.

Could be done in 10​ minutes, but that’s clearly not going to happen. GREAT.

9. Do I really need a college degree?

I know the right answ​er to this, but I just really don’t want to admit it right now.

10. I swear to God this will never happen again.

Two weeks later: SHIT.

Melissa Close is from Waterford, Connecticut. She is majoring in Writing, Literature & Publishing at Emerson College.
Emerson contributor