10 Self Care Tips & 10 Adorable Kitten Photos

While December means hot cocoa by the fire and ice skating in the Boston Common, it also means exams. All of the exams. All at once. One minute you are on Thanksgiving break, the next you are knee deep in papers and group projects. While there’s nothing besides doing the work that will make them go away, here a few things you can do to take care of yourself.

No. 1: Sleep

Give yourself the extra half hour to an hour to sleep in. Unless you’re a crazy morning person, waking up at 7am to start working is only going to slow you down.

No. 2: Put your phone away when you study

Just like this ball of pure happiness is hypnotized by her phone, you are too. Put your phone out of sight and put it on silent. While you’re at it, use the Stay Focused app on for your laptop to block Facebook, Pinterest, and other focus breaking sites for a certain number of hours. As I write this, I have set the nuclear option (block all sites on my specific list) to stay on for 8 hours.

No. 3: Drink water

Yes, I know this is milk, but aren’t they so cute? Water is necessary for your body to function. If you are dehydrated and trying to study, you’ll get a headache. It also keeps your joints lubricated for those long library sessions.

No. 4: Bring (healthy) snacks

Yes, the pie looks delicious, but that is not what your body and mind need as fuel. Get yourself some protein and carbs. Remember that thinking burns calories too.

No. 5: Give yourself breaks

Go for a walk! It’s good for you!

No. 6: Continue with your regular routine

Hopefully you like your routine a bit more than this kitten. Making sure that you stay on your normal routine-whether that be washing your face in the morning, going for a quick run, or doing a face mask at night-will help you stay sane when everything else in our life is changing.

No. 7: Make a priority list

This will help you stay on track, and it feels so good to check off those boxes.

No. 8: Communicate with your group

If you have a dreaded group project, make sure that you are communicating effectively with your team members. Nothing is worse than someone emailing the night before saying they didn’t do their part of the project.

No. 9: Skip the hardcore drinking or smoking night

This shouldn't be you the weekend of finals! Having a hangover or feeling groggy because you smoked a lot the night before is the worst way to study. Please take care of yourself.

No. 10: Remember that there is a life after college

Maybe you’ll even be able to get a lil’ kitten someday!