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10 Reasons Why New England Spring Breaks are a Let Down

Spring Break is so soon! Isn’t that great? Well for most kids who go to school in the Northeast, and live there, it isn’t that exciting. We are welcomed home with 20 degree weather and maybe a foot or so of snow still on the ground. Beside ice skating and possible sledding, only if there is enough snow, we are confined to the warmth of our homes. The break from school is great, but there are just so many reasons why New England SPRING break is a huge let down for college students. 

1. There’s still snow on the ground

Whether there are a few patches here or there or 4 feet, New England is almost guaranteed to have some type of indicator that winter is still a thing. So we bundle up in our jackets and mittens and hope that the sun will be out to get the temperature above 30 degrees. Beautiful spring weather, huh? 

2. You have midterms to study for

Since this break isn’t a month like winter break, you can’t ignore homework. With only a week until you have to return to reality, you have to crack open the books and study for that midterm in history. You’ll probably have to write that paper for literature because you don’t want to write it the night you get back to school. Then again, you probably will. 

3. None of your friends who go to school down south have the same break 

It’s definitely hard to have friends who go to schools down south, or even to the west of the Northeast time zone. Most of the time spring breaks rarely match up with those friends that went really far for school. Never mind the fact that some of them have plans for sports of other on campus commitments. You have to wait 2 more agonizing months to see them. 

4. Your Instagram will be flooded with pictures of warm weather

Just don’t look at social media. All your West Coast friends will love to post beach pictures and melting ice cream cones all over Instagram. Don’t look at it until everyone goes back to school. Then you can point at the pictures and laugh in their face while they bundle up in their winter coat to get a Starbucks latte. 

5. You still have to defrost your car when you want to go somewhere

It’s always fun to hop in the car and drive wherever you want when you go home, but there’s one little problem; you still have to defrost the car. It is the worst feeling in the world grabbing an ice cold freezing wheel, and you have to endure that for a whole week. Perhaps it’s time to invest in driving gloves. 

6. It will set you back for the “Bikini Ready Body”

Since it’s cold and you have no friends at your disposal the only thing left to do is eat. And when I say eat, I mean eat everything! Sure, you wanted to start going to the gym and being healthy and all for the short shorts and tank tops, but it’s too cold to worry about that now. 

7. All you’ll want to do is sleep

Sleeping is the main event of spring break. It’s probably the only place that’s nice and warm. After pulling all nighters for those 2 tests before coming home, you have a lot sleep to catch up on. Why not? 

8. You have those dreaded doctor or dentist appointments

Since this is the break that no one above the Virginia state line actually cares about, it’s the time to make that bi-monthly visit to the dentist and doctor. You hate it, but what’s worse: going when it’s 30 degrees or 80? 

9. Seasonal Depression will only continue for you

Seasonal depression is a real thing. You’re not necessarily depressed, but the lack of sunlight and the frigid temperatures are proven to make the most chipper of people get caught in a slump. This break is not a break from that unfortunately. It’s only the tail end of it. Hang in there! Only a few more weeks. 

10. It’s going to stay cold until finals start

Unfortunately the fact is this: snow will not be gone until finals. This may seem disheartening, but look at this way, this break is close to the half way point of this semester. We are half way to summer weather. 

Shut off your phones and snuggle up to some homework, New England college students. It may suck now, but that summer weather will be even better because we had to wait for it. 

I am a Writing, literature, and Publishing Major. I love Netflix, food, and sleep. College lets me experience all 3 of my favorite things simultaneously.
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