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Your Guide Through the Boundless Abyss of Love

Valentine’s Day has always been presented as a simple yet clouded concept. In elementary school you created and decorated little mailboxes so that every member of the class would receive a valentine. Then in middle school, your crush gave you a heart-shaped lollipop that coincidentally they also gave to everyone else. In high school, it was considered as an unambiguous holiday that was either celebrated with friends as “Galentine’s Day” or with your respective loved one.


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Among all these experiences there is a common thread, love. There are many different forms of love and it is the reason for many types of celebrations. In general, love tends to be characterized as full of passion and desire but this is not always the reality. Love cannot be confined to a certain shape, it is interminable and types of love are never-ending. It is boundless and can be found in many relationships, whether that be supportive and dynamic friendships, caring families, self-love, or romance.

Within this boundless abyss of love, the question is then, how do we achieve and keep love? Some choose money and equate infatuation and perceivable love with a price tag. For example, if one partner gives the other a diamond necklace they are inherently more loving and caring because of how much they spent. Others, instead of investing money into love, invest in mutual respect and compassion. Not to say that showing love with a diamond necklace is bad, but it doesn’t have to be the standard as it is presented.


With that in mind, consider taking this time of the year as the perfect opportunity to appreciate the love you do have. Whether these relationships take the shape of friendships, familial relationships, romantic, or practicing self-love they are all equally valued and important.





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