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Your Guide to Cooler Season

Cooler making season is upon us and here is your guide through. Usually, coolers are made for Greek life, this guide will be centered around creations for our fraternity friends. Here are some tips on how to decorate and create your cooler!


Supplies: What you really need…

  • A cooler

  • Paint

  • Sandpaper

  • Mod podge

  • Primer paint

  • Brushes

  • Tape (for clean lines)

  • Sealer

Make sure to look up the specifics for directions! Here is a good link.


For the Inspo:

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest)


Creating a theme for the cooler is definitely a good idea so the design can be cohesive throughout. For each side, you will need some sort of design. Keep in mind that there are two shorter sides, two longer sides, and the top of the cooler which has the potential for the most viewing.

For the top and potentially the most important part of the cooler, I would recommend decorating it with the name of who the cooler is being gifted. Here is an example

For the long sides I found this cute trend of drawing license plates! This is a great opportunity to personalize the cooler for the specific person it is being gifted to based on the state they are from! For the other side, I would recommend including the crest of the fraternity.  


For the two shorter sides try including the school’s colors or the location of the weekend away! Another option would be a funny quote or image that is relevant to them or their interests.

These designs, while some may seem intricate, will hopefully provide you with inspiration for your creation. Have fun decorating!



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