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You Know You Go To Elon…

Every college campus is unique. There will always be those random things that make students laugh, smile, cringe, and 10 years down the road get all nostalgic about the good old days—Elon University is no exception.  Here are some of the top ways you know you go to Elon when…


  • You love the bricks, you hate tripping on them


  • Your school has fountains rivaling Walt Disney’s

    • “My favorite is the one at Colonnades without a doubt.  Its size is stellar and the unpredictability of the fountain squirters keeps it interesting”—Matt Carter, freshman


  • You wear running shoes when you go to eat at Acorn because you know on average you have a 3 second reaction time after they call your name if you want your food


  • 18 squirrels in one place doesn’t phase you

    • “The squirrels here are over confident and cocky…they just drop shells on your head! I have been a victim to squirrel abuse but I like them around campus and I enjoy chasing them and occasionally throwing a disposable cup at them.”—Jon Leeds, junior
    • “Squirrels are out of control. One time, I was walking on the path between Carlton, Duke and Alamance and I noticed a squirrel by the trashcan. Then, I paid attention to what it was doing. It was lugging a fork from the trash to the bushes with great difficulty. A squirrel. Was carrying. A fork. It looked like it was holstering a weapon.”—Liv Dubendorf, junior


  • You wonder how bad could it really hurt to get hit by the Bio Bus…you want that free tuition!


  • You regularly think there’s an earthquake…wait, no that’s the train

    • The train and I have a love/hate relationship. It wakes me up in the middle of the night but it also wakes me up on time for class. — Matt Carter, freshman


  • You have a rotting acorn still sitting on your desk

    • “I still have my acorn from freshman convocation… somewhere. By now it’s in a box of some sort in my closet at home. Probably. I am pretty excited to get my sapling. It’s a cool tradition here, but probably wouldn’t be at another school where students aren’t constantly in fear of being hit in the head by falling acorns.”—Brent Rose, junior


  • You can mingle with your professors every week over coffee and pastries, oh yeah, and there’s a picture of you and President Lambert standing in front of his fireplace dressed in formal Christmas attire


  • You’re cookies are either gigantic, or killer

    • “I love acorn cookies! Of course, I heat them up in the microwave. And the killer cookie is awesome…you just have to get it with no bananas.” —James Davies, freshman


  •  You’ve paid $10 at the campus bookstore for a pack of pencils


  • Five words: 5 o’clock bell tower; creepy lullaby

    • “I hear the creepy bells all the time! You know you’re an Elon student when your work day ends with a ghostly hunchback of Notre Dame bell tower song.” — Jon Leeds
    • “It sounds like a haunted house or disturbingly morbid funeral.”— Liv Dubendorf, junior


  • You understand what they meant on your tour when they said, “The good thing about Elon is there’s so much to do! The bad thing about Elon is there’s so much to do…”


  • Your most awkward night of college is still “Catch the Fire”

    • “I was an Orientation Leader and I just tried so hard not to make it an awkward experience but inevitably, “Catch the FIre” is pretty awkward. I remember it quite clearly. First night of college, no one has any idea what it’s going to be like.  I think it’s awkward just because people are so unsure of themselves. I made a lot of really good friends that night though.”—Liv Dubendorf, junior

Photo Credit, Elon University

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