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You Don’t Have to Break the Bank Anymore

Once you’ve signed up your hooked. You will be on it for hours, browsing all the hot fashions and deals. The fun of shopping comes to your home when you sign up for an online shopping site, and the hassle of parking and driving is no more. Now the stores come to you.
Wouldn’t everyone like to get a high-end dress for half the price? Or how about a trip to Cancun, Mexico for cheap? Well now your dreams can come true! With so many discount-shopping sites online now, people can do all of that for less. It is easy to get that trip to Mexico for half the price on some of these shopping sites.
The holidays are approaching quickly and everyone is looking for an easy way to get quality for less. Sites such as Ideeli, Gilt Groupe, Living Social, Hautelook, Beyond the Rack, and more provide high-end shopping for not as much.

All of these sites require you to create a username and password in order to login to their site. However, many of these sites do not charge to be members, but if you would like to be a “first class” member for some of these sites they will require you to pay a small fee. For example, Ideeli.com asks that if you would like to be a “first row” member you can pay an annual fee of $6.99 a month or you can pay quarterly for $7.99 a month. Being a first row member allows you to shop the “only first row sales” and lets you shop an hour earlier than everyone else.

These sites sell everything ranging from shoes to fabulous trips abroad. You can find a great pair of Steve Madden shoes for thirty dollars and at the same time book a trip to Puerto Rico for half of what you would normally pay. Along with shoes and trips, these sites have tons of clothing that would normally cost someone an arm and a leg.

“I joined many of these sites because as a college student it is very difficult to buy good quality clothes at a reasonable price,” Sophomore Ashley Bunting said.

College students don’t tend to have spare money laying around, so next time you are thinking about splurging, check one of this sites and see if maybe what you’re looking for can be found for less. Wouldn’t you like to be the girl who got the goods without the hole in your pocket?

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