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Where are they Now? A Look Back at Our Favorite 90’s Stars

All of us collegiates are 90’s babies, so we remember the “good old days” fondly. Some of the best memories, and we can agree, some of the best teen stars got their start during our decade of birth. Just like you have your favorite DCOM, you’re sure to have your favorite 90’s star. Here’s a look at where some of our favorite stars from the decade are today!


Tia and Tamera Mowry

We all remember our favorite twins that didn’t know they were twins Tia and Tamera from “Sister Sister,” but did you know that these real-life twins went on to get their college degrees as well as appearing on the hit show “The Game”? These strong women are also now mothers, and their little brother Tahj is currently starring on ABC Family’s “Baby Daddy.”


Mara Wilson/Matilda

You might know her as “Matilda” or as Natalie Hillard from “Mrs. Doubtfire,” but did you know that Mara Wilson has quit acting and is now pursuing a career in off-Broadway plays and young adult novels? Quite a long way away from the sweet little girl who wanted to read books all day.

Aaron Carter

Every girl has had a crush on one of the Carter’s. Between Aaron and Nick (yes, the one from the Backstreet Boys), these teen hotties were blowing up the 90’s with their good looks and catchy songs that we knew every word to, but “Aaron’s Party” came to a halt in the mid-2000’s and the former teen star has since been on Dancing with the Stars, had a stint in rehab and even declared bankruptcy in November 2013.


Jesse McCartney 

Okay, so if you weren’t an Aaron or Nick Carter girl, you were definitely a Jesse McCartney girl. We all loved him for his “Beautiful Soul,” but he got much raunchier in the late 2000’s, as well as appearing as the voice of Theodore in the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movies. While he still has a career, the 27-year-old (can you believe it) is definitely not a household name anymore.


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