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What Midterms Week is Really Like

As midterms week approaches, a wave of stress and a combination of all emotions take over. Some are unexplainable, but some are definitely explainable. Here is a list of emotions we might be feeling during midterms week, as told by our favorite Disney characters. 


Before the week even starts you turn into a mess because thinking about five, three hours tests is unimaginable. 


You pull all of your work out before you start studying, but you realize you have so much studying to do and all you want to cry by yourself in your room.


Looking at all of those statistics just makes you dizzy.


But you finally find a surge of energy and are powering through.


It becomes midnight, so right now you are contemplating whether you should pull an all-nighter or not.


You decide to pull an all-nighter but then your roommate convinces you that you should go to bed, and you do. 


The next morning you have a delicious and hearty breakfast because food makes everything better right?


Before you leave your dorm you tell yourself that you are ready.


You walk into the classroom ready to take the midterm.


Right before your professor hands out your midterm, you put on your thinking cap.


But then when you actually receive the midterm, you look at the first question and you don’t even know the answer. 


Realizing that you have three hours to take this, you remind yourself to stay calm.


You finish taking the midterm and then call your Mom because she can fix everything right?


You relax for the next few days because all you can do right now is wait.


You finally get your midterm back and you aced it. All of the stress was for nothing.

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