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What to Give this Holiday Season

It’s mid-December. Streets are decorated with Christmas lights. Doors are dressed up in red, velvet ribbons and fresh-smelling wreaths. Students are wrapping up their schoolwork to head home for the holidays. With December 25th quickly approaching, Christmas shopping is once again at the top of everyone’s to-do list. And sometimes shopping for the ones you love the most can be the difficult. Here are some easy and affordable gift ideas that your friends and family are sure to adore!


Candles are the simplest gift idea. They are inexpensive and practical. I use candles almost every day and always look forward to adding to my collection. Even the act of picking out candles is fun and therapeutic. To me, candles represent comfort, and the holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of coziness. My favorite candles brands are from Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle. These two brands even have your favorite holiday-inspired scents! My favorites from Bath and Body Works include Evergreen, Fresh Sparkling Snow, Winter Rose and Marshmallow Fireside. From Yankee Candle, I love Balsam Forest, Christmas Cookie, and Cozy By the Fire. Give the aroma of the holidays as a gift this year by giving a candle.


Sometimes the best gifts can’t be bought. Homemade gift ideas are another great route to take this holiday season. Cheap supplies can be bought at Michael’s, or even at a Target or Walmart. For example, you can paint a wine glass with a simple design or an inspirational quote, or try painting a canvas that would make a good addition to someone’s home decor. Make a scrapbook or board with pictures of good memories together. These cheap, simple ideas bring a personal touch to the gift, and really show that you cherish your relationship. Crafting is fun too, so the process of holiday shopping will no longer be stressful.

Holiday Treats:

This gift idea speaks for itself. Everyone loves receiving homemade food to enjoy for the holidays. Try making a gift basket of an array of holiday treats. Include candy canes, hot chocolate, and baked goods. Bake a tray of sugar cookies and decorate them with frosting. Design a snowman, a christmas tree, a snowflake or any other holiday symbol to capture the holiday spirit. Your friend will love the effort that you put into the gift and will enjoy indulging in the treats with their friends and family.

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