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Vegan Instagrammers: Lizzie & Meg Griffin

If you’re a fan of food instagrams, vegan instagrams or a blend of the both then Meg and Lizzie Griffin’s vegan food instagram is right up your alley. Lizzie is a Strategic Communications major in her senior year at Elon, and her sister Meg is currently finishing up her time at Wake Forest University. They’re relatable, interesting and really good at making and finding good vegan food. I interviewed the duo about their transition to veganism, and why they chose to document their vegan food adventures on Instagram. Find out more below!

1. How long have you been vegan for, and what made you want to go vegan in the first place?

Lizzie: I’ve only been fully vegan for a few months now, since the end of summer break. Meg inspired me to be vegan because we were both trying to be more health conscious and discovered that a vegan diet helped us focus on eating more fruits and vegetables.

Meg: I started to go vegan abroad, which was about 1 year ago.  I went vegan because I was sick of thinking of foods as either “good” or “bad,” and constantly feeling guilty for being “bad.”  When going vegan, I knew that no matter the calories or fat, what I was putting in my body would not make me feel as negative about myself as when I was not vegan.  

2.  Is cooking something you’ve always loved?

L: I’d say I’ve always been a pretty average chef who can follow a recipe, but once I moved into an off campus my junior year with a full kitchen, I started to experiment with cooking.  Now I really enjoy looking up new recipes to try and getting inspiration from the other vegan instagrammers that we follow.

M: I actually have not always loved cooking.  It really did take having a slightly different diet from people around me, and essentially being forced to cook for myself, to really enjoy the act of cooking. I now love to invite people over and show them my either new, or perfected creations.  

3. Did you and your sister make the transition to veganism together?

L: Meg was much more committed to being vegan in the beginning because it was her idea in the first place, but she really hooked me this summer when we were living at home together. Once I started cooking the meals with her I realized that it really wasn’t different than the food that I already liked to eat, it just had healthier ingredients.

M: Nope! I went vegan while abroad, and then convinced my sister to join on the train this summer.

4. What prompted you two to start your vegan food Instagram?

L: I think that Meg got really excited once I told her that I was going to fully commit to being vegan, and then she locked me in by making our Instagram account and following all of our friends so I couldn’t go back and change my mind.  

M: We started the vegan food instagram mainly to hold each other accountable, as well as to be motivated to try new things, so that we were not just posting pictures of the same vegan foods all of the time.

5. Has it gotten any strong reactions from friends or even online strangers?

L: Thankfully we haven’t received any negative comments on our photos, they have all been surprisingly positive from strangers and friends who want us to send them the recipes or cook the food for them. I would say that some of our friends and family have questioned it just because they can’t imagine giving up cheese (even though there is really good vegan cheese) but once we explain our reasoning and maybe make them try some of our food they are super supportive.

M: It has luckily, gotten nothing but positive feedback.  We have had many people tell us that they love our pictures, whether those are people we know, or fellow vegans on Instagram.    

6. What do you want to say to those who are considering going vegetarian or vegan?

L: I would encourage anyone to try a vegan or vegetarian diet to see how it makes them feel and to see if it is something they want to work into their lifestyle. I definitely didn’t make the transition all at once, but it helps to start off slowly and just try to do it for one day or one meal a day for a week.

M: I would say that if you are considering going vegan or vegetarian, try it out! You may be very surprised by how your body feels, and then be encouraged to keep going!


Check out Lizzie and Meg for major food inspo at their Instagram handle @the_vegan_twins_!



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