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Valerie Reich ’16

Name: Valerie Reich

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Strategic Communications & Sports/Event Management

Relationship Status: Single and lovin’ life


Involvement on campus: Limelight Music Group, Alpha Omicron Pi


What is your biggest turn-off?

Rude people and people who don’t like music.


Describe your dream guy in 3 words: Sweet. Intelligent. Funny.


What’s your signature outfit?

My go-to for any day is my black Brandy Melville tanktop shift dress with a gold necklace, black stud earrings, and sandals.


Most embarassing moment?

One time I was at a birthday party when I was 12, I did a high-kick and fell backwards onto the cement ground while simultaneously knocking over the birthday girl’s brother – who at the time I thought was a very cute high school boy. 


Go-to dance move: I like the grocery cart.


Likes: Tattoos, music, baby animals, and In-N-Out burgers



Rising senior at Elon University, studying International Studies and Creative Writing. Lover of ultimate frisbee, coffee and more coffee, and dancing everywhere. 
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