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‘Twas the Night Before Finals…

‘Twas the night before finals and all were stressed, spent and exam-cramming…when a package arrived from Her Campus Headquarters to turn the evening upside down. The box was full of treats, goodies and coupons to keep the motivation high and study sessions upbeat. HC knew just what to send to keep collegiettes care-free.

On the first night of finals, snacks were scarce. Going on Study Hour #10, the only sound to be heard in the library was stomachs growling. With dining halls closed, LunaBar chocolate peppermint sticks were the perfect reminder that holidays are right around the corner (after those three essays, two presentations and four exams.)

On the second day of tests, spirits were low and sicknesses spread. That 8 am exam was utter misery. Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus kept us going despite our flu-like symptoms. We all know that there’s no time to be sick when you’re closing out your semester.

On the third study day, the girls of Elon sport messy buns and baseball caps. Appearance is no longer on our list of concerns as acing that test takes top priority. But with Tresemme travel-size hair spray, we could keep our curls in tact.

The fourth night of exam week brought study sessions galore. But with college budgets low, that Dominoe’s pizza bender seems out of reach. Kettle’s Hey Neighbor kits (complete with a tote, salt ‘n’ pepper chips and maple bacon popcorn) were a great (free!) pick-me-up gift for you and your study partner as you both slave away on that study guide the two of you will share.


The fifth morning of finals has you gasping for fresh air and stress-relief. A quick jog across campus with the CamelBak pink waterbottle did the trick! Both stylish and resourceful, it was a much-needed hydrator during those mid-morning runs when studying wasn’t quenching the thirst.

On that sixth afternoon at Belk, cravings soared. Buy-One-Get-One-Free Chipotle coupons made finals week eating much more enjoyable. (Guac makes everything better, we know.)


The seventh day of straight studying marked the final day of the worst week, and it was time for a reward. How about that fabulous “I Can’t” bracelet from Baublebar? The $10 off coupon that came with it really satisfied the end-of-week online-shopping craving after a week with your head in the books.

Now that finals week has come to a close, you’re reflecting on what seems to be a blur of stressful 168 hours. Wondering how you managed to study, remember to change your underwear, pack for break and call your mom with updates fascinates you. We give credit to Cosabella‘s cute lacy panties (and Her Campus for making it all possible.)

As you can see, our study sessions were saved, thanks to Her Campus! While finals will never be a happy time, they were much more bearable with tasty treats, fabulous beauty products and coupons by our sides. Look out for our Finals Giveaway winners as we will be announcing them soon!

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