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Turkey Trot Season

Turkey day is upon us, which means that your local Thanksgiving turkey trot is almost here! One of the best parts of Thanksgiving besides gathering around the table with family and friends is the annual 5k running race that is a long time tradition in many towns and cities.  

From Charleston to small Massachusetts and Connecticut towns, people everywhere wake up before the feast to run a 5k. Setting this as a goal is a great way to stay fit during the holidays and here is how to do it:

1. Set a goal

Do you have a specific finish time in mind? Set a goal for yourself and stick with it.

2. Get your friends and family on board

Get everyone involved! The more the merrier, plus it is great motivation running with friends!

3. Find a 5k turkey trot in you area and sign up

Locate a race in your neighborhood and sign up ASAP! Get all the details and prepare for race day.

4. Map out training

Write out a training schedule for yourself and do your best to follow it. If you map out how far you will run each day, you will feel well prepared for race day. Building a little each day is the way to go.

5. Stick to it

Don’t give up! You will feel great running your 5k especially before digging into your Thanksgiving meal.

6. Prep for race day 

Get your team on board and make sure everyone is organized. Pick up your bib number and you are ready to go!

Good luck! You got this! 

Allie Keigher Elon University Class of 2019 Greenwich, CT Communication Design major and Digital Art minor
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