Top Three Places to Enjoy North Carolina Sun

It is safe that a majority of Elon’s students decided to travel to Burlington, N.C. for the next four years for the warmth. Although I have had my doubts in the “winter” when we experienced days with cold temperatures and snow, this week has showcased my main reason for choosing Elon’s campus. With the stress of midterms and last minute papers and projects to submit before Spring break, students still find the time to lay outside in the warm Carolina sun.


The first major decision to make when deciding to spend time outdoors (whether doing homework while enjoying the sun or not) is where to entertain this fine idea. My initial go-to place are the Academic Pavilions because of the close distance to my dorm. The Pavilions also offer shade for those that do not want to squint at their computer screens in 70 degree weather. I also always come across strangers’ dogs wanting to play fetch in this area. There will always be students laying on blankets here while playing music. However, mostly all students will be concentrating on homework as well. Pavilions are the place to be when you need to finish homework while maximizing the sunlight hours.


Definitely the most popular place to be on campus in the sun are “The Boobs.” Whoever designed this landscaping must have had tanning in mind because it offers the best elevation to offer the strongest sun rays. Shaped into two different mounds, students will be scattered on either, enjoying the free space around them. Frequently, there will be some playing Frisbee or other fun games. Different from the Pavilions, “The Boobs” offer the most amount of sunlight to quickly fry your skin for a nice “sunkissed” look.

(Look at those elevated surfaces)!


A less popular but still common area to sunbathe is Lake Mary Nell. This setting is more casual and acceptable for full-on tanning. Students come here to enjoy the sun rays coming through the tree branches, offering the perfect amount of coverage. The lake is typically visited for brief moments of time in between classes or for full relaxation, there is no middleground. One thing to consider when soaking in the sun by the lake is to consider you are entering the Swan’s home, and she may possibly attack you for that.


Whichever place you choose to sunbathe for the spring season, you will find happy students and plenty of warm sun to absorb. These are only three places on campus where one can sunbathe. The options are endless on Elon’s beautiful campus!

Just try not to get as burned as Will Ferrell!