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Top 5 Bathing Suit Sites

So it’s that time of year! You’re trying to find those cute and itty-bitty swimsuits that fit just right for spring break. While at school, it’s hard to shop at the mall and try on different bikinis with your busy schedule. That’s where online shopping comes in.

Usually we don’t recommend bikini shopping online, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! We decided to pick the top five bathing suit websites that are stylish and perfect just for YOU! (You’re welcome!)

Victoria’s Secret

I mean, duh! Victoria’s Secret is one of the top bathing suit companies and websites in the country. From different colors, styles, and fit – there is so much to choose from! Different tabs online let you shop for all different styles (i.e., Beach Sexy, Gorgeous, Very Sexy, etc). This website is one of our personal favorites and is one of the best website for prices.


Although Shopbop is known to be a little pricier, the quality is SO worth it! Shopbop offers many different unique styles for any type of body. This is the website where you will get those bathing suits that you see in Sex in the City, and other awesome shows. This website allows you to feel like a rock star on the beach! Did I mention Shopbop has free shipping?


Target is one of the best websites/stores for those basic bikinis that everyone needs at least one of. The pricing of these suits is also what makes their selection so desirable and popular. Usually, you can only keep these items for a year or so but the price is what makes them easy on the college budget! Target also is extremely deceiving, people may be asking what top fashion designer you are sporting on the beach this year!

J. Crew

This is one of our favorite websites to mix and match different patterns and stripes. J. Crew is notoriously known for there “sweet little bikinis” and soft material. J. Crew keeps classiness in both their bikinis and full suits and makes it easy to look sexy but elegant. The bathing suits often come in a plethora of colors, which makes it easy to find the perfect color for your skin type.

Canyon Beachwear

If you’re wondering where those Sports Illustrated models get their super steamy swimsuits, this website is for you. Although Canyon Beachwear is on the pricier side, these swimsuits will make you look like the next Gisele on the beach. The website is also welcoming to all shapes and sizes, you can be a size 4 or 12, it simply doesn’t matter. Canyon Beachwear will allow you to feel like a superstar and find the perfect fit for you.

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