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Todd Leonard ’14

He’s 6’5, he’s hilarious, and he’s available! 

Name: Todd Leonard
Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Major: Media arts and entertainment
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Food: Pizza and spaghetti
Activities You’re Involved With: Elon Tonight, WSOE Radio, Intervarsity, Collegelife, ICLP, and intramural soccer
Dream Job: Screenwriter for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Best gift a girl could get you for Valentine’s Day? A giant chocolate chip cookie and a two minute long hug…oh, and bag of Doritos
Favorite Pickup Line: Is there an airport nearby or is that my heart taking off? 
Most attractive quality a girl can have? Her smile
Best advice you can offer about love/dating? Follow your heart and go for it
P.S. Collegiettes! Wanna see more of Todd? On top of everything else he does, he produces videos with his friends! Check out his most recent, “I Just Ate Chex.”

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