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#TBT Spring Trends That AREN’T Floral

If you’ve all seen “The Devil Wears Prada,” and I hope to God that you all have, there’s one quote that will stick with us forever: “Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Like seriously, spring comes and goes and it’s a known fact that floral ensembles will be popular. If you ask me, that’s so overdone and way too distracting to the eye. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not really a floral girl myself. Before coming to college, I decided to invest in my first Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever worn one of the three, about three times. AKA. Floral is not for me. So what does one do about spring fashion when floral is out of the question?

So let’s be controversial. Let’s stop making everything spring fashion about floral. Luckily, the spring 2015 fashion trends are following along on this rebellious path. People are looking for new ways to be more innovative with clothing to bring back from the past. That’s right. I’m talking about the fact that the 70s are back baby! Even though we always look at our parent’s old photos in disgust because who would wear that, we’ve managed to be the generation who can make that stuff look mighty fine. Floral or not, this spring is about to get classic, hip and funky at the exact same time.

The Shirtdress

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? It’s both! Well, technically it’s a dress, but it looks like it could be a shirt. This trend has just recently become popular again, and with spring just around the corner, you can ditch the tights. The shirtdress most often come in pretty neutral colors so you can strap on a chunky or skinny belt to cinch at the waist to create the ideal body figure. Some even come attached with ties for the front. Until it gets warm enough to go with short sleeves, long sleeves or ¾ sleeve cuts paired with ballet flats and booties are the ways to go. Pair this with a cute pair of wedges or Jacks Rogers, and your favorite purse and you’re ready to go. It’s casual, but can also be dressed up.

Hip Huggers and Bell Bottoms

Add a little flare to your life with bell bottoms this season! That’s right, they’re baaaack. This denim hugs you tight all the way down to the knee, and then adds a little flare at the bottom. I recommend starting out with pairs that are slightly flared, but if you want to go for the whole shebang, then I say go for it! You know what looks great with bell bottoms? Heels! Whether you’re wearing dressy pants to work, or denim for a night out with friends, this is the perfect look for heels. Boyfriend jeans have been selling more and more at my job at American Eagle, so it makes complete sense that this trend is back. It’s flattering for your legs, and way more comfortable than a tight pair of skinny jeans. Super classic!


Jumpsuits are also recent trends that have reemerged. For girls like me who are short and petite, they’re a little harder to pull up without a good hem and a pair of killer heels. But if you have longer and leaner legs, this is the perfect trend for you to try. They’re chic and can be super flattering to your body type if you get the right pattern and shape. Adding a belt to this outfit is a must, and wearing them with ankle-strap heels looks amazing for a night out. Going with simpler colors and patterns is the best way to wear this ensemble, as bold colors might be a little too much. Just accessorize well! It’s modern, but it’s also a blast from the past.


Well this is one trend I didn’t expect to make a comeback, but it’s been all over the Spring 2015 runway. While I typically think of a fringed leather jacket or simple fringed purse as the perfect amount of throwing it back to the 70s, this season’s runway has been featuring fringed skirts, dressing and shirts. Fringe is flirty and fun, and if you do it right, it isn’t as tacky as you might think. I highly suggest trying out a fringed mini skirt or dress for a fun night out with the girls. It’ll definitely look pretty cool while you’re dancing and twirling around. Fringed vests and thin cardigans are perfect for chillier nights, but have a very LA feel to them. Another interesting idea that’s been brought out is heels with fringed straps. That’s a subtler look that’s less risky, but still fun!

Funky Prints

As Cosmopolitan says it, “think arts and crafts.” Making an individual statement this season is a must. Bold colors and bold patterns will work if you match them to your personality, which is what fashion is all about anyways. Think more runway fashion. You always watch fashion shows and wonder who actually wears some of the clothes, but if you tone it down just a little bit, it’s an outfit you can own. It’s quirky and funky, but that’s how individualism works in society. There are simpler styles you can work with, or if you’re adventurous, go big or go home. Spirals and stripes are making bold statements, along with other geometric shapes. Where you try it out with bold and bright colors, or lighter pastels, don’t be afraid to try something new this spring!


Boho has been making a comeback a little longer than the rest of these trends, but incorporating other trends into it, such as lace and fringe, is big this upcoming season. From oddly cut, flowy dresses, to fringed pastel and floral jumpsuits, boho is keeping the peace with the fashion world. It’s free spirited and relaxed, and perfect for the beautiful springtime. Wearing your typical Urban Outfitters head wraps and headbands with these ensembles tops it off. Laid back jewelry and all natural makeup and hair complement it quite nicely. Flower power everyone. Flower power.

Sliced to the Hip

There’s always going to be a new sultry trend that comes in style. Lately, it’s been the cut out dresses. This time, we’re talking cut out skirts and dresses. Well, sort of. The sliced to the hip trend is either of the previous pieces of clothing that is normal length on one side, and extremely short on the other, so the front is cut diagonally. I’m thinking a certain Jenner will be spotted donning this trend, and who wouldn’t want to dress like her? It’s fierce, and will definitely take some confidence to pull off, but hey, it’s motivation to get yourself to the gym everyday, right?  If you want to play it a little safer, opt for a maxi skirt that’s maxi on one side, and mini on the other. It’s basically like a hi-low skirt rotated to the side. Pair it with some gladiators or heels, and a more basic top to keep it from being too flashy. Disclaimer: do not try slicing your own skirt at home. It’s a hazard to the eye. 

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