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Summer Love

If you’re in a great relationship but aren’t sure how to make it last over the summer months while you’re away from each other, this article is for you.

From a guy’s perspective, long distance relationships can be scary. However, don’t think that he isn’t afraid of cheating on you (and if you suspect that he is cheating, get rid of him). It is a normal thing to be worried about infidelity, but make sure you have faith in your relationship.
We’ve all witnessed friends in heated arguments with significant others who are far away. One possible reason for these arguments is often jealousy. Since you are unable to spend as much time together as you normally do while in school, jealousy often occurs.
In some cases, one member of the relationship may be more attached to their relationship than their partner, and they are likely to be the person who becomes more easily upset. This isn’t as much an extreme case of jealousy as it is just missing the other person and feeling jealous because their attention is somewhere else. This is a dilemma that is very difficult to handle, and may serve as a warning that your relationship may be hard to continue long-distance.
If you are aware of how something so small and actually good can turn into something very upsetting, you can prevent these arguments. In your relationship throughout the summer months, never forget to take a step back and analyze the situation from the other person’s perspective. Take time to get down to the basics of why that person may be angry. If it is because he misses you, the relationship could actually be doing well.
You might know that you want to keep the relationship going, but how do you know if he wants to? The hardest thing for a guy to do is to think on his feet when questioned by his girlfriend, especially on matters that may spur emotional tension. Because of this, you should plan a dinner and let him know you want to know what he thinks about being in a relationship during the summer. Give him time so that he will be able to decide what he feels is best, and you won’t run the risk of him answering impulsively.
The summer months are a time to relax and take it easy, and the same may go you’re your relationship. Always take a step back, evaluate why your boyfriend is upset and understand he probably just misses you.
Have a great summer and try to plan trips together. A weekend get away can be just what a relationship needs in order to rekindle the flame that distance tends to diminish.

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