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The Stress of The End of the Semester, As Told by “Elf”

Since Thanksgiving has passed, it’s officially the HOLDAY SEASON! While this may put an extra jingle in your step, for most of us, it also means paper deadlines, last minute exams, and a whole lot of stress. Fear not, we’ve got a bit of comic relief to ease your anxiety and we think Buddy the Elf does a pretty good job at summing up the final weeks of the semester:

You probably procrastinated all of your work over the break.

Your to-do list is getting out of control.

Caffeine is your best friend.

Stress-eating too.

Sleep? HA. What’s that?

You’re trying to keep it together. Especially when mom and dad call to see how the studying is going.

And once finals week rolls around you’ll be like…

But don’t worry! Because with Luminaries, President Lambert’s Christmas Party, and the end of school in sight, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get your mind off class, have a little fun, and spread some holiday cheer.

Pretty soon you’ll be headed home for break, while telling all your friends…

Just a small town girl, living in the Elon bubble. Lattes, books, and Netflix are my thing.
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