Staycation ideas for Spring Break 2018

As spring break of 2018 is approaching I know that everyone is dying for a vacation. When most people think of spring break they associate it with someplace warm and tropical. For those of us who aren't going anywhere and are left wishing we were traveling, have a…...STAYCATION! Here is a list of awesome activities to check out during your staycation (on a college-friendly budget of course)!


  1. Go on a hike: If the weather is permitting, go on a hike one day. State parks usually don’t charge an entrance fee and as a student in classes for most of the day, why not get outside, enjoy some fresh air and see some amazing scenery? Also, hiking doesn't mean you have to climb up a mountain, they can be leisurely and fun.

  2. Go on a cafe crawl: Ever heard of a beer crawl? Well, try a cafe crawl instead with friends. I did this when I went to visit one of my best friends in college and it was super fun! We tried different coffees, bagels, desserts and hot chocolates at each location. Look for cafes other than your typical Starbucks, that are unique to an area or that are known for their cool atmospheres!

  3. Game or Movie Night: Gather a group of friends or family, hang out and play some games or watch a movie. Either is super fun and affordable.

  4. Beach: Depending on where you live, have a beach day. Even if you don’t have the stereotypical, warm spring break weather, it is still fun to be by water. Even if you can’t swim, you can hang out on the beach, have a picnic or make a sand castle.

  5. Explore a new city: Find some friends, jump in the car and head to a city you’ve never been to before. This can be really fun to explore a new place, window shop and if it’s a really big city, it could be fun to stay over for a few nights.

  6. Museums: Going to museums, aquariums or zoos in your area can be a great blast from the past. My personal favorite are aquariums!

  7. Visit a friend at school: Most college students don’t all have the same spring break. If you have a friend who is in school during your break and is within driving distance, try to go visit them! It’s super fun to get to experience college life at a different school, meet your friends and make new friends and if you stay in their dorm, it’s very affordable.


All of these ideas are simple, but it’s definitely possible to have a fun spring break without breaking the bank!