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Spring Shoe Essentials

It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime, everywhere you go. The sun is shining bright and the birds are your new alarm clocks. Ladies, go find a feminine shade of nail polish, toss those riding boots and Uggs out the window, and whip out the spring shoe essentials. I haven’t been fortunate enough to experience Elon in the springtime quite yet, but from what I have been told, it’s the most magical time of year. Guys grilling and playing basketball while we flaunt our flirtiest sundresses, sounds like a good time for everyone. Everything is happier in the spring, and like we learned from Cinderella, a simple pair of shoes can change your life! Here’s the list of shoes that can complement those sundresses like no other.


Wedges scream fun and flirty this spring season. They’re 20 times easier to walk in than heels, and the patterns get more and more chic by the year. Floral is once again a fabulous choice. For a feminine but edgy look, go with floral that include blacks, but for more a feminine feel, choose bright colors and whites. Solid colors like tan and white are adorable with patterned sundresses. This season, patterns on the actual wedge part are so in. There is a variety of patterns, from tropical scenes, to random patterns, and they can add some vivid creativity to simpler outfits. Pair wedges with sundresses, maxi dresses and flouncy skirts, and don’t forget to accessorize!


At my high school, about 99% of the population wore Sperry’s everyday. Sperry’s are perfect because they’re so versatile. You can wear monochromatic ones with colorful outfits, or you can invest in a patterned pair. There are floral, nautical, plaid, my personal favorite, sparkly and more. Wear them with a sundress when you’re going to be standing on your feet for a while or going to class, or wear them with shorts and an embellished tank. They’re perfect for chillier days, as well, since they cover your feet, and there’s special socks made for their shape!


Jack Rogers

The newest and cutest trend for our age group that hit the American fashion world recently is Jack Rodgers. Jacks come in both wedge form, and flat form, so they’re great for any occasion. They come in a range of colors, too! I personally went for the maroon ones to match my Elon pride! There are plenty of solid colors like gold and silver that can match any given outfit and then colored ones to add some brightness and cheer to your ensemble. They’re extremely comfortable once you break them in. Pair them with literally any outfit. From pastel shorts, to flirty sundresses, to cute maxi dresses, the options are grand. Trust me, they’re Instagram worthy.


Gladiator Sandals

Just a few years ago, someone sad, “I love my new gladiators!” My reaction was absolute confusion. A few years later, and gladiators are still here and getting more and more chic by the year. Gladiators are the perfect shoes for any type of walk because they’re extremely comfortable. They come in all different colors and styles. This season, gladiators that come up high are in style. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time wearing these outdoors, I would recommend not buying a high pair to prevent awkward tan lines, but they’re perfect for shopping sprees or going out to dinner. Every girl should have a pair of these this summer. Opt for colors that contrast your skin color, and don’t be afraid to get creative with them!

Pastel Heels

Pastels, pastels, pastels, O how we adore thee! Pastels are my personal favorite part of the spring season because they’re so feminine and beautiful. An adorable pastel heel is perfect for cute skirts and sundresses but also very stylish with a pair of skinny jeans. You could mix pastel colors throughout the ensemble like this for the ultimate springtime fashion statement. It’s very cheerful, and it won’t go unnoticed. They also come in handy for a spring date night, or even just a night out in town with the girls. Dressed up or dressed down, every girl can work these shoes into her spring trends.


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