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Spring Fever: Staying on Track Spring Semester

With winter term out of sight but definitely not out of mind, it’s hard to focus on the new semester to come. The promise of sunny days and warm weather is becoming more and more promising, causing tests to seem trivial and homework to fall down on our priority list. Here are five easy ways to keep you on track with schoolwork so you can take full advantage of the spring spirit!  

Keep a To-Do List

A to-do list is a simple reminder of all you have planned for your day, week, or month. An easy way to keep a to-do list is on your phone.  There are plenty of apps that include a well-designed to-do list for organization and timely success. You’ll find that entering tasks in your list and checking them off as you complete them brings a surprising sense of satisfaction!


Set Aside Time Each Day for Work & for Play

If you already know your favorite themed party is going on Thursday night, plan ahead! This is much easier said than done. In your school planner try to set aside a block of time to sit down and commit to finishing your work. This way, you wont be disappointed about procrastinating and not being able to join your friends!


Create a Study Group

It’s hard to be the only one studying in an apartment full of friends! Find a group of friends who also need to study and go to a library, coffee shop, or quiet place where you can focus and use your time wisely. This way, you all have the same goal in mind, and won’t get majorly distracted.


Give Yourself a Little Vitamin D

If it’s a gorgeous Elon day outside, don’t deprive yourself! If you set aside time to work, you won’t have to spend the rest of your day in the artificial light of your home. Go for a run (or maybe a steady jog), eat lunch on the patio, or relax with friends and get some tanning time in. Either way, you’re giving your brain a short getaway from the stress of schoolwork. 


Stay Active

If you find yourself getting antsy trying to do work and can’t seem to sit still, take a short break to do something active and get your energy out! Whether it’s a quick 30-minute cardio at the gym, or a walk around campus with a friend, it’ll be much easier to sit down and be productive once you’ve given your body the exercise it needs to settle down and focus. 

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