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Simone Jackson ’16-Varsity Track Star and MAIP Campus Rep

Name: Simone Jackson
Birthday: October 5, 1994
Year: Senior
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Campus Involvement: Varsity Track and Field, Marketing Intern for Student Health 101 Magazine, and MAIP (Multicultural Advertising Internship Program) Campus Ambassador
Why are you so involved on campus?
I am a scholarship-athlete where track takes up a lot of my time. Being involved on campus helps me develop both personally and professionally. I think you’d be a fool not to get involved in all that Elon has to offer.
How did you get involved in Student Health 101? 
One of my teammates told our team that there was an opening and the person who runs it was looking for athletes to get involved on campus. What I do is really try to get the word out about the magazine and get people excited about health and wellness across campus, since it is an online health magazine for students at Elon. 
What is your favorite activity to be involved in?
My favorite activity to be involved in is track because I have made most of my friends from track. It has helped me grow a lot at Elon, both team-based and individually-based. 
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