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Sick of the Dining Hall? Delicious Snacks That Aren’t Ramen Noodles

It happens every year.  You reach that point in the semester, where no matter what the dinning hall is serving, there is just no way you can eat another meal there.   Instead of resorting to a boring bowl of cereal or another cup of ramen noodles, try to put your culinary skills to the test.  But don’t worry you don’t need to be a gourmet chef.  Here are some easy snacks that you can make right from your dorm or apartment so that you won’t have to suffer through another bland meal at the dinning hall!



Who doesn’t love a good, homemade smoothie!  They’re easy to make and taste amazing.  All you have to do is blend your favorite fruits, milk, and yogurt (if you want to make the smoothie thicker) together to make a delicious smoothie.  Here are some of my favorite recipes:


Banana-Blueberry Smoothie: 1 banana, 1 cup of blueberries, and 1 cup almond milk

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie: 1 banana, 1 cup of strawberries, ½ cup of plain Greek yogurt, and 1 cup almond milk




Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of the most underrated snacks.  To make your own salty and sweet trail mix at home, simply combine your favorite nuts, dried fruit, coconut shavings, dark chocolate chips, raisins, pretzels, cereal and more!  But watch out, this snack can be addicting.







Banana Boats

I’m not talking about banana boating in the Caribbean!  Banana boats are an amazing snack that will satisfy any sweet tooth.  All you need is a banana and any toppings of your choice.  Some of my favorites are chocolate chips, marshmallows, and M&Ms. Here’s how to make them:

1. Use a knife to make a slit in the banana peel by cutting it down the length of one side.  Use your fingers to slightly pull open the top of the banana.  Do not remove the peel.

2. Fill the banana with your toppings.

3. Microwave the banana for 30 seconds at a time about three times, or until the peel is dark and the toppings are slightly melted.

4. Eat with a spoon and enjoy!

Hello! My name is Kathleen Pallotta. At Elon University, I am majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Professional Sales/Marketing.
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