Senior Year Bucket List

Some may be in denial, some may be excited, and some may not know what to feel, but one thing that all seniors can agree on is how fast the college years have gone by. It’s important to prepare for the future and focus on your goals and plans for post-grad, but it’s also necessary to take the time to appreciate your last year at college and make the best memories possible. Make a bucket list with your friends and make sure that you get around to all of the fun things you’ve wanted to do since you first stepped foot on campus! No matter what grade you’re in, it’s never too early to get a start on all of the memorable activities that make college the best four years.

1. Go to coffee with a professor - If there is a professor from any time in your college years that has really helped or influenced you, it’s nice to tell them. You never know if you will be able to stay in touch postgrad, but meeting up with a teacher to let them know you appreciate them is something you won’t regret.

2. Attend a sports game - In the real world you definitely can’t just show your school ID to get into a game for free, so take advantage of the fact that you can do that now! Whether or not you’re a huge sports fan, it’s fun to meet up with some friends and show school spirit at a game.

3. Participate in ElonThon - Post-college it will be harder to get involved in different types of service, especially ones as fun as ElonThon. Being able to go to such an amazing event with your friends and peers is something that you want to be able to say you have done by the time you are done with Elon.


4. Go to the luminaries event - We can all agree that Elon is one of the most beautiful school’s, and this becomes even more true around the holidays. Attending the luminaries is a tradition that shouldn’t be missed - not only does it make the campus even more beautiful, but it is such a fun experience to share with your friends and a cup of hot chocolate!

5. Go to Leo Lambert’s Holiday party - Similarly to the luminaries, being able to go to our president’s house for a holiday party isn’t common at many schools. Dress up for the night and partake in a tradition that sets Elon apart from many schools and allows you to snap a pic with the president of your university!

There are endless events and memories to be made at Elon, so grab a friend and cross something off your bucket list!