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23 things to do before you graduate:

Take a dip in a fountain (KOBC or Alamance will do)

Be the object of an Elon Confession

Win Fat Froggs Tuesday Trivia… or at least complete one round

Steal a brick… do not worry it will be replaced by morning

Be the subject of a Smith Jackson e-mail

Attend a Soccer Game… they are like actually good…

Perform at West End Karaoke (90s hits only, please)

Sober drive Safe Rides… for the stories… and the karma

Open (and eat) a bag of chips on 3rd floor Belk… during exams… crunch crunch… cricket cricket…

Park in Moseley (YOLO!)

Attend a function with more boys than girls

Find an Elon couple where the boy is cuter than the girl

Go on a date – get picked up and paid for… Pandoras phoenix cash does NOT count

Swim in the Koury Pool, but do not forget your towel, they are not provided

Have SPARX deliver free condoms to your campus box (bet you didn’t know that was a thing, and do not forget #consentissexy….. or #notonourcampus)

Take advantage of College Coffee… it is free breakfast (why is it not more of a thing?!)

Take a picture with Beans (rumor has it he will not be back this spring, so you better hurry!)

Get serenaded by Rip Chord (they only cost $10!)

Go to an acappella concert… I mean they are going to be on MTV (#almostfamous)

Locate your convocation Acorn… if you cannot find it, find a new one and lie.

Indulge in one last Killer Cookie

Meet Leo, after all, he is basically God (maybe do so at his annual Christmas Party, that you will wish you went to post-graduation)

Go shopping at Mynt with that Phoenix cash your parents so kindly gave you for groceries

I am a senior Strategic Communications major and Painting minor and Elon University.
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