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Reasons to Participate in Elonthon

Elonthon, Elon’s 24-hour dance marathon benefiting Children’s Miracle Network and Duke Children’s Hospital, is quickly approaching on April 10-11. There are plenty of activities to do during your 6, 12 or even 24-hour shift. Here are some reasons why you should participate in Elonthon this year:


This video:

The updated 2015 “Why I Thon” video should be reason enough for you to participate in Thon. If not, type in “Elonthon” on YouTube and you will see the closing videos from previous years. It will be difficult not to shed a tear.


It will be one of the best experiences you have while in college.

Trust me when I say this. Freshman year I signed up for a 6-hour shift only to end up staying for 18 hours because of all the fun I was having. You hear from the Miracle Families, try to keep up with all of the different parts of the morale dance, play arcade games, win prizes and hang out with all your friends! Not only is it so fun, it is also very rewarding. Listening to the Miracle Families speak and understand what they have to go through will definitely inspire you and will make you realize that standing up for 24 hours is just scratching the surface of all that these families must go through on a daily basis.


You won’t be missing out on anything else this weekend.

Chances are most of your friends will make an appearance in Alumni Gym at some point over the weekend. Elonthon is an event that has such a large attendance rate that you’re guaranteed to spot someone you know. Whether you arrive solo or come with a bunch of your besties, either way you will find tons of friends at Thon (and who knows, you might even make some new ones!)

It is fun!!!

You might be thinking that it is not fun to be on your feet standing for 24 or even 6 hours at a time without sitting down once. There are plenty of activities to do during Elonthon that there is not a minute of downtime. The hours will fly by because of all the fun you’re having. College is all about having experiences, and Elonthon is a great memory to have. Whether it is your first time as a dancer or your fourth, every year and every shift is different and equally as fun. There will also be some surprise appearances by special guests as well, so you don’t want to miss them!


You will be part of something bigger than yourself.

As soon as you walk in the door of Alumni Gym, watch a few videos, listen to the Miracle Families speak and even play with the Miracle Children, there is no other place you’ll want to be. Apart from all the fun you’ll be having, once you listen to the stories of the Miracle Children and get to meet them, you will be glad you came. While the families get so much from Elonthon, you will too. It is one of the most memorable and meaningful times at Elon and you will definitely not want to leave. All of the soreness from standing for so long will certainly be worth it once you see a Miracle Child smile because of you.


Register today for the best weekend of the whole year. Get ready to go to “Infinity and Beyond for the Kids”!  See you in Alumni Gym April 10-11; it’s going to be out of this world!

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