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If you don’t know who Sam Feher is, now you’ll know. Sam Feher is an Elon University senior, majoring in journalism, minoring in multimedia authoring. But many of you probably know her from Instagram, @samanthafeher (she just became verified on Instagram, YGG)! Sam recently went to New York Fashion Week, so I chatted with her about all things fashion and the highlights of this experience. Check out what she has to say below!

Q. What’s your background in the fashion world?

A. I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I can remember. When I was 8 years old, I wanted to see The Devil Wears Prada more than anything in the world — but, of course, I wasn’t technically old enough. I convinced my mom to drag my dad to the movies to see it, so they could screen it for me. Post-clearance, I made my mom take me back to the same theater to watch it. Since then, I’ve probably seen the film over 20 times. Although it’s certainly a dramatization of the fashion world, I was inspired by the fast-paced energy and high-pressure setting of the characters’ careers, and instantly knew that I wanted to make one of my own. My Instagram account is largely based on my love of clothes, shoes, and accessories, and a lot of my followers tune in to see what I’m wearing. Besides that, I’m a writer — but I knew that if I wanted to work in fashion, I’d have to combine the fields. Today, I’m a fashion writer at a company called StyleCaster (a subsidiary of PMC), and I spend my days exploring the world of fashion and writing feature and news-style stories about it. So far, it’s literally been a dream come true.


Q. Do you have plans to work in fashion after graduation?

A. Definitely! I love my current position of fashion writer for a digital millennial publication. The plan is to work my way up — I’d love to be the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine someday, preferably on the digital side.


Q. It’s so cool how you got the opportunity to go to NYFW, how did you end up getting to attend? Was this your first time going?

A. Originally, when I found out I’d be attending NYFW this year, it was an opportunity I got through my job at StyleCaster. But about a week later, I began receiving invitations to shows and events through my personal email — my work as a social influencer on Instagram has afforded me some connections I’m super lucky to have, and they were excited to extend me my own invitations to NYFW. Although I’ve attended Philadelphia Fashion Week in the past, this year was my first experience at NYFW, and it couldn’t have been dreamier. Imagine living your dream come true, in your home city! There’s nothing better.

Q. Tell me about your experience! How did you like it & what was your favorite part?

A. It was amazing! Compared to my expectations, it was surprisingly low-pressure. While a lot of people are there to work (scout designers, research for media coverage, etc.), it’s also a really fun experience, and is meant to be enjoyed. My favorite part, aside from exploring the world of emerging designers and connecting with my OG favorites, was networking with the other NYFW guests. I met so many people who were kind, rather than competitive — they were excited to learn more about each other and work together when they could. I really think I made some connections that are going to change my career path for the better, and I’m thrilled to dive into this profession with a network of men and women who already do what I love.


Q. What were some cool trends you saw? What trends do you think are up and coming?

A. I’m really excited about animal print this season — Tom Ford really set the tone by incorporating leopard and (what I think was) alligator into his collection. Before I knew it, I was seeing animal print all over the streets of New York. It was a trend that was hiding right under our noses all along, but expect to see it in full force this spring. Another thing I plan to see a lot of is neon. Some labels, like Brandon Maxwell and Cushnie, went over-the-top with bright, eye-catching colors on the runway. Others, like Alice + Olivia, were a bit more subtle about it: neon yellow press-on nails sufficed. I’m not sure what level of neon I can pull off, but if I walk past you in a blinding, tennis ball-colored jacket next week… just don some shades and keep moving.

Q. I’m sure your everyday campus look is just a bit different from what you wore this past weekend, tell me about your NYFW outfits!

A. I had a ton of fun experimenting with outfits this week. I did a lot of vintage shopping in Upper Manhattan this summer, and saved the pieces for what I knew would be the most high-pressure fashion situation of my semester: NYFW. For the looks, I tried to mix it up: one day, the ensemble was preppy — the next, it was bohemian. My number-one secret to dressing for fashion week is to do something unexpected. Not, like, everything, because that’s too much. But if you incorporate one or two elements that are off-the-charts-trendy, you’re good to go. My unexpected accessories of choice were a gold metal headband, some salon-grade metal hair clips, a pair of enormous dad sneakers and some sparkly eyeglasses.

Q. Do you have plans to get involved in the next NYFW?

A. Certainly! I’m already looking forward to February when I plan to return to New York Fashion Week. My current goal is to attend fashion week in various cities around the world — Paris would be incredible. Stay tuned!


WOW! Thanks so much, Sam, for giving us all the details about your NYFW experience, it was clearly one to remember! While not all of us girls can experience it, we sure got a good idea of how exciting the events were! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

If you want to keep up with Sam and all her adventures, check her out at the below links!


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Fairfield, Connecticut Elon University, Class of 2019
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