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The Press Coffee+Crepes Experience

This past weekend, my parents made their annual trip down to Elon. To our disappointment, the weather predicted rain all weekend. Despite the miserable weather, we had to figure out what we could do around the Elon area that would still be fun. I had heard about Press Coffee+Crepes from friends and how much it is adored, but I had never been myself. I decided what better place to go on a rainy day than to a cozy brunch spot.

I had never been to Graham, let alone Press. When we pulled up to the quaint town, although it was pouring rain, I was shocked to find that it had a certain charm to it. A range of local unique shops like Graham Soda Shop & Grill, a vintage radio thrift store, a barber shop, and a small movie theater surrounded us.

Throughout our exploration of the town, we finally came across Press Coffee+Crepes. It had such an aesthetically-pleasing storefront, with classic gold lettering that read “PRESS” on an old charming black building. I was instantly drawn to this small restaurant. The line was out the door, which was expected, as it is a popular place and a common time for Sunday brunch. When we finally got inside, I was in awe of the atmosphere. There were Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling, copper jars as decorations, old typewriters behind the counter, and run-down brick walls that added to the artsy-vibe.

The process of ordering food and drinks was different and definitely not what I expected, but I loved it. We got a table and sat to take our time looking over the menu. Once ready to order, we made our way to the counter and paid on the spot. To distinguish each person’s order, we were given a small stand at checkout with a specific country’s name to bring to bring back to our table. My parents and I all ordered a latte and one of their signature, savory brunch crepes. I ordered “Crepe ‘B,”  which is loaded with country ham, swiss cheese and topped with over easy eggs, goat cheese & hollandaise sauce. While the service took some time because they were busy, it was well worth the wait. The food and coffee were incredible, and the employees were friendly and attentive. I could taste each high-quality ingredient within the food, and was impressed at the how well the flavors complemented each other.

Press is truly a unique dining experience. They have a distinctive image and voice that can be seen in everything they do. They are committed to quality ingredients, prices, and customer service. Their dedication to developing connections over great food and coffee do not go unnoticed.


Fairfield, Connecticut Elon University, Class of 2019
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