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Nostalgic Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

Everyone knows that fashion comes in cycles. What was hot last year is this year’s least favorite look. But what was once fashionable in the ‘90s and ‘00s is now making its rounds again. We are now seeing people wearing baggy jeans, chunky sneakers, sweater vests, and flared yoga pants. This season everyone is as people are finding new ways to wear these funky and creative styles.


In the 1990’s high waisted straight-leg jeans, also known as “Mom Jeans”, were becoming more appealing to the younger generation’s fashion choices. The styles of mom jeans have endless possibilities! They range from wide-leg to, slit jeans or color block which have two tones or shades of a color. Mom jeans can be easily tailored toward your personal style. Mom Jeans are a classic favorite of the millennial generation, but as the years went on, skinny jeans and bootcut jeans soon replaced them. Now influencers are returning to the classic oversized mom jeans for a more comfortable and fashionable look. Influencers are pairing mom jeans with tucked-in t-shirts and long overcoats!


Pairing mom jeans with a pair of platform sneakers are a fun way to bring together an outfit. There are a variety of platform sneakers. They range in styles like high top or low top, funky patterns, or bright colors. Nike and Converse both have options where you can customize your sneakers. Playing around with different color pallets, patterns, and styles will help you find a pair you like.


Combining the oversized look of the mom jeans with some chunky shoes is a fun way to change up your style. So go ditch your old go-to pair of sneakers and find some chunky sneakers that can elevate your look! Even though you might think you look like your mom while she was in college remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery.


Another popular fashion staple from the ‘99s and ‘00s is the classic sweater vest. The sweater vest was once hated by many because it was a basic uniform but and is now resurfacing in popular stores and filling the closets of many influencers of the younger generations. 


Sweater vests can be turned into a cropped, patterned, neon, or creative piece to add a statement item to your outfit. A more basic option to style a sweater vest is a neutral color sweater vest that can make an exciting accessory to any outfit that needs some layers. 


What was once the classic uniform for your most boring professor’s lecture is now being worn by Kendall Jenner. Maybe the next time you go to class you should ask him where he got it.


Personally, I love pairing chunky sneakers with yoga pants and a sweatshirt to channel my inner Princess Diana for a comfy outfit. To find a lot of my inspiration on how to wear these pieces I love stalking influencer’s Pinterest boards. Check out the boards of Emma Chamberlain, Aimee Song, and Alyssa Coscarelli to get a peek inside their brain and their closets!


Hi! I'm Sarah Daly, I am a Strategic Communications + Policy Studies major at Elon University. I am passionate about mental health, writing, and creativity.