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In this day and age, appearance is everything. Specifically for women, you are most likely to be judged on what clothes you wear, the way you do your makeup, the way you act, and the style of your hair. Not only is this process toxic and mentally draining, it affects the way in which you live your day-to-day life. Most mornings I'll throw my hair up in a clip or ponytail just to get it out of my face. This sometimes is the best option as the school days are long and the weather is getting warmer. I also love to straighten my hair to switch up my normal routine.

That being said, sometimes the littlest moments can give you the confidence to take on your day. Something that I look forward to that makes me feel confident and more like myself is getting my hair done. Even though this process is only done a few times a year, stepping out of the hair salon feeling freshly done with a new do can change the way you look at yourself entirely. 

During the cold winter months, I knew that I wanted to change up my look. I wanted something different but as a natural redhead, I was hesitant to touch my hair because I didn't want to mess up my unique, natural color. I have gone my entire life without coloring my hair, so you can understand my worry. 

It turns out that change was for the good. I decided to get some sun-kissed highlights to brighten up my hair and make it look as though I had just come from the beach.  I wanted my hair to look natural still, but just that little bit of blonde made all the difference in my confidence. From the moment I sat down in the chair, I knew that I had made the right decision. My new hair makes me feel like a boss! 

Taking a small amount of time to do something for yourself will have the biggest impact on your self-confidence. I’ve heard the saying ‘everyone wants what they can’t have,’ which I found funny because I have always wanted to have a little bit of change in my life! By taking this one small step of getting my hair done, it has made the biggest difference in the way I look at myself. Remembering to take the time to do the little things that make you happy is very important. Even just something small like changing up your hair can change your mindset. 

So if you're feeling like you need some change in your look, this is your sign to make a hair appointment and just do it. You won’t regret it!


Kennedy Smith is a sophomore at Elon University studying to be a Strategic Communications major with a minor in Sociology. Kennedy is from Annapolis, Maryland and enjoys writing and working with social media.
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