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Meet Regan Moroney: St. Patrick’s Day Tradition

Every family has its own traditions, whether that is matching pajamas on Christmas Eve, a backyard football game on Thanksgiving or a simple Sunday night family dinner. This week, Regan Moroney gave me insight on her favorite family tradition for St. Patrick’s Day.

Name: Regan Moroney

Hometown: Manhasset, New York

What is your St. Patrick’s Day tradition? :  Every year all my cousins on my mom’s side come over and have a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, it’s a really special day for my family.

What do you eat at this dinner? : Since my family is 100% Irish, we have a traditional Irish dinner which is corn beef and cabbage.

How long has this been a tradition in your family? : This year will be the 31st year.

Why is this tradition special to you? : This tradition is special to me because most of my friends do not have a set tradition for this holiday.  This holiday is equivalent to Christmas with my family, all my cousins, aunts and uncles from all different cities come together for this day.

What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you?: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with my entire family has shown me the importance of appreciating my background and the importance of family and tradition.

Will you continue this tradition as you get older? : Absolutely.

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