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Meet Olivia Johnson


Olivia Johnson (aka Liv) is one of the friendliest girls you will meet at Elon. She is laid back, easy going, and someone I’m lucky to call my roommate! Liv is planning on studying abroad in London, England next year and loves to travel. She plans on visiting new places, cities, and meeting up with friends every weekend during her semester abroad. Since she is originally from California, she is used to long plane rides and the ups and downs that come along with traveling.


Facts about Liv:

Hometown: Palo Alto, California

Major: Marketing

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu

Dream Job: Event Marketing Coordinator or Event Planner

Last Internship: Marketing Intern at Stanford Athletics Department

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Living in San Francisco or New York City and working in marketing/event planning.

Favorite TV Show: 90210

Living Next Year: Magnolia Apartments 

Elon University Class of 2019 Tuftonboro, New Hampshire Entrepreneurship & Management Major
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