Meet Kit McHutchison: Associate Producer at Etalk

Kit is much more than your classic college girl. She goes above and beyond in all of her extracurriculars, especially the student-run talk show, Etalk. Kit has made big strides in her college career at Elon through Etalk by getting involved in the show as much as possible.


Name: Kit McHutchison


Year: Senior


Hometown: San Diego, California


Major: Strategic Communications


What is your title/position at Etalk?

After being a main host of Etalk for two full years, Kit worked her way up to the title of AP, or associate producer for her senior year. She says she never felt confident as a host and was never able to watch the show back when she was on air because she didn’t like watching herself. Even though she’s only been working in this position for a month or so, Kit loves being an AP.


What is your role/duty with this position?

Being an AP means doing a ton of work off camera to make each show run smoothly and efficiently. Kit works with the show’s main producers to come up with what will happen on each show. While the cameras are rolling, Kit runs around making sure every position, from host to PR, is ready to go.


How did you get here?

Kit didn’t get to where she is in Etalk today without a lot of hours spent at the studio. In the beginning of her sophomore year, the current producer asked her to audition to be a host for Etalk. After a lot of convincing, she finally auditioned and became a main host. She ended up loving everything about Etalk and eventually was seen as a leader by many of her peers. She stayed on as a host for two seasons and learned a lot about what was needed to make the show run smoothly. Eventually she applied in the spring of her junior year for the position of AP, which she started her senior year. Kit was originally very nervous she wouldn’t get the position and was stoked when she eventually did.


What is your favorite thing about Etalk?

Kit struggled to think of just one thing. She first talked about the people, of course, since she met her best friend through Etalk. Her best friend is someone she never would’ve met without the show. She loves meeting new people and making friends with those who share the same interests as her. She also loves the fact that as students, they have the ability to showcase their talents and do the things they love in a completely professional environment. She loves being able to produce content just like she’ll do when she graduates.


Kit and her best friend, Matt, in the Etalk studio


Why would you encourage others to join Etalk?

Before the show, Kit knew nothing about cameras, hosting, or producing. She encourages everyone to join Etalk to learn these important skills that will put you a step above the competition when applying for jobs and internships. She also loves the fact that she met so many other people with the same passions as her that she was able to learn from, and of course, she loves the social aspect of it all-making new friends means gaining new followers on Instagram!