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Meet Her Campus Writer: Claire Brodsky

Year: First-year

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Major/Minor: Strategic Communications and Jewish Studies

Campus Involvement: Her Campus, Hillel, Elonthon, IDEA (Israel Dialogue, Education, and Advocacy), Alpha Xi Delta

I know you have an Instagram all about happiness, how did that start?

I like writing blogs. Honestly they help myself and they help others. I like to talk about my own experiences with life so I wanted to start an instagram account to promote happiness. Everyone is always on their phone scrolling through instagram so why not scroll and see something cute and pretty about the world. For me it makes me happy. Random things around the world are so cool and interesting and make the world such a cute little place and I like to bring that to people’s attention and I think throughout the day it’s something important to remind yourself of especially in college when you’re on a college campus and kind of restricted to the outside world.

I actually started a website with the same idea with pictures and blogs. It’s pretty similar to Her Campus in that aspect of well being and positivity. I started the website two months ago. It’s called alittletasteofsunshine.co and it basically links to my instagram and has about 6 blog posts right now. One of them is about how to maintain a positive mindset in college and one of them is “15 Activities to Do This Summer.” It’s a new website but I’m hoping to sell a necklace at some point just to remind people of it. But I’m not exactly sure about that yet because I’m just starting it up.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is an event planner. I have always liked creating fun ideas for people’s parties and it’s also a happiness thing – if you’re celebrating a birthday party that’s fun for kids or teenage girls or whoever. Weddings, bat mitzvahs, anniversaries.. Any kind of big celebration with bringing friends and family together is such a big happy thing and such a milestone in someone’s life. Being the person behind the scenes who created it, I think that would be something I’d really like to pursue.


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