Meet Club Rugby Player Chris Luciani

Year: First Year


Major: Undecided Business


Hometown: West Hempstead, NY


Why did you decide to join Club Rugby?

I played for a travel teams back home and I really fell in love with the sport senior year of high school. I definitely knew I wanted to play it in college. Playing rugby is a great way to stay fit while also having fun. Not only does it take my mind off of all my school work, but it is a time to just have fun playing with friends and competing with other schools.


How has the season been going?

Our season has been going really well so far. One of our highlights this season was our dominating win over UNC Greensboro. We have a lot of first year players on the team who have been doing a great job both in practice and in games. I think our team has great potential to make it all the way to the championship.


How would you describe your personal performance?

With great coaches, captains and leaders on the team, I feel they have helped me to become a much better rugby player. I was truly honored to be given the title “Man of the Match” for one of our most recent games after scoring my first try.


Where do you see the team going and what are you looking forward to?

I am very excited to be playing in our upcoming tournament in December. Performing well in this tournament gives us the opportunity to go to Colorado for a chance to win the championship, something we were very close to last year.


Do you plan to continue playing in following seasons and what do you plan to work on to better yourself as an athlete?

I do! Playing rugby is something I definitely want to do all four years at Elon. Personally, there is much more room for improvement when it comes to game strategy as well as fitness and endurance.


Anything else you would like to add?

Not knowing too many people coming into Elon, playing rugby gave me a great group of friends I can always count on. We consider each other brothers. Being a family, we always have each other’s backs, both on and off the field.