Meet Avery DeLacey!

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Bedford, New Hampshire

Major: Strategic Communications

Minor: Professional Sales

Campus Involvement: Avery loves being involved with Her Campus! Currently, she writes and does social media for Her Campus, hosts Fashion Corner on Etalk, and is a member of Tri Sigma.

How did you get involved in Her Campus? A friend suggested Her Campus to Avery early on in her first semester at Elon. Avery joined because she felt Her Campus would help her gain writing experience to help with her future career goals. In addition, Avery loves writing about all things fashion and beauty.

Current Role in Her Campus: Currently, Avery is an editorial writer and posts on the Her Campus Instagram. In the future, Avery would like to take on more of a leadership role in the club.

How did you get involved with Etalk: Avery heard about ESTV at the organization fair, and more specifically Etalk. Etalk most interested her because entertainment news is something Avery, “really enjoys.”

Current Role in Etalk: Avery is the host of her own segment on Etalk, Fashion Corner. During Fashion Corner, Avery gets to talk about trends, outfit ideas, and beauty. In this week's episode, Avery will be talking about Spring 2019 fashion trends. In the future, Avery would love to be a main host of Etalk and be on the Executive Board.

What’s your dream job? Avery’s involvement on campus points her in the right direction towards her dream job. Avery would love working for a fashion magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Vogue.