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Make Valentine’s Day Sweet this Year

Valentine’s Day: you either love it or hate it. For me, personally, I love to spread the love. Here are some suggestions to help you get in the lovey-dovey spirit!

First, I want to start off by saying you do not need to be “taken” in order to enjoy this holiday. Though Valentine’s day is marketed toward couples by the candy companies and gift stores, we can beat the system. Just because you are not “in love”, doesn’t mean that there isn’t love all around you worthy of celebrating. 

1. Celebrate your friends

Who needs a fancy dinner reservation for two? The more the merrier! Invite all of your friends to a homemade dinner. Try that Tasty video recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Attire is strictly your comfiest pajamas, no exceptions. This is a great, casual way to spend the night instead of basking in all of the couple Instagram posts, which though we hate to admit, we all do. First dinner, then a movie. Go see 50 Shades Darker: one large popcorn and bag of M&M’s please!

2. Celebrate your family

Let’s rewind to grade school when you would slip valentines and bite-sized candies into the crafted shoeboxes of your classmates. Who says we can’t get as excited as we did when we were nine? Send a more developed valentine to your family. Tell them that you appreciate all that they have done for you and that you love them. Don’t forget to add that you are accepting packages with lots of chocolate wrapped in elegant heart-shaped boxes, because let’s be honest, chocolate is one of the fundamental aspects of the holiday.

3. Celebrate yourself

As the great Tom Haverford once said, “Treat yoself”. Valentine’s Day is about love. Love yourself. Be selfish. Do something that makes you happy. Take time to relax by yourself and reflect. Get a mani/pedi. Binge watch your favorite show. Explore the shops at South Point. End the day with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, the men we can always count on. 

In essence, use Valentine’s day not to sulk in the love that is not there, but to recognize all the love that is. Your friends, your family and yourself should be thanked for being a constant source of love and positive energy. You should be grateful for them every day, but celebrate them a little extra on Valentine’s day, all while reaching for that extra piece of chocolate. 

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