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A look into All that JAS’s rebranding event!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elon chapter.

Last Wednesday April 17, All that JAS, located in downtown Elon, officially launched their new brand. What was once a bright green and pink logo now stands a more modern white and pink cursive look. The rebranding entailed both changes to the storefront and online platform.

Founded in 2003, All that JAS began as a sports-oriented store with the main merchandise being cheerleading uniforms. Eventually, they began to market to Greek organizations with the stitched letter shirts. As time changed, All that JAS has altered their merchandise to adapt to current trends. “Now it is all screen printing and vinyl,” states storeowner and founder, Michaelle Graybeal. Currently, JAS makes a majority of their profits through their Etsy store and through large group orders for both Greek and non-Greek organizations.

“We needed a change,” Graybeal states, regarding the decision to rebrand.



Grace Fessler (pictured left), Emma Pinkus (pictured right), and Cristina Mann (not pictured), were the key students in making the rebranding happen. Fessler is one of the Graphic Designers, Pinkus is the Social Media & Brand Coordinator, and Mann is a Graphic Designer mainly working on the e-commerce platform.

Pinkus, a senior marketing major at Elon, first pitched the rebranding idea in Fall 2018. Since then, they have worked toward saving up the funds and creating the designs to make it all happen. She suggested changing the logo, the website, and the overall look of JAS. “I ended up overseeing everything that went into the process,” she states. “I handled everything from planning the whole timeline, photoshoots, creating marketing materials, to ensuring our in-store receipt design was updated.  



For the launch party, there was a table of sweet treats as well as free souvenir cups printed with their new logo. The store also offered one-day surprise discounts at checkout. The event generated a large buzz including increased foot traffic in-store and sales.



As for the future of All that JAS, they hope to appeal to more Elon students as not just a store for Greek life. Recently, their new graphic tees that say things like “Peachy” and “Yikes,” have been quite popular. “Whatever the trends are we are going to jump on that boat and ride,” states Graybeal.

Stop by All that JAS soon to check out their new look!


Pictures courtesy of Emma Pinkus.