Living Green at Elon

Elon prides itself on its sustainability efforts to help the environment that students are encouraged to take advantage of. As busy college students it can be hard to focus on eco-friendly living, but there are lots of easy ways you can live greener.


Here are some tips on how you can live more sustainably at college:


  1. Check whether or not any of your waste is recyclable or compostable before automatically tossing it in the garbage. Most waste bins are clearly marked, making it easy and convenient.


2. Instead of driving your own car, take the BioBus. Not only will you save money on gas, but the BioBus uses sustainable fuel sources and cuts down on carbon emissions.


3. Be aware of your daily habits. Remembering to do the little things like unplugging electronics when you aren’t using them, taking shorter showers, and using natural light instead of electric, contributes to a green life.


4. Buy local as often as you can. In warmer months, check out the farmer’s market next to the Elon Community Church to buy delicious locally grown fruits and veggies.

5. Try taking your notes electronically. Most professors allow computers, which is a more eco-friendly way to take notes than using notebooks.


6. Join a club like the Elon Community Garden, Habitat for Humanity, or a number of other organizations at Elon that focus on sustainability.


Making simple everyday changes like these is not only helps the planet, but is can save money, which is always important for college students.