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Keeping Off The Pounds This Holiday Season

Research shows that most people put on an average of at least two pounds for every holiday, meaning at least four pounds when combining the caloric intake for those celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. And since the idea of putting on any weight at all is enough to make most Elon collegiettes™ cringe, here are a few tips for staying slim through the holidays:

·  Drink a non-alcoholic drink between alcoholic drinks to save calories. Also, try to stick to spirits and wine, which are less fattening than beer and cocktails. Also, drinking a glass of water before your meal will help fill you up, so you’ll feel fuller and won’t have the urge to eat as much food.
· When going for pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres, try to go for a veggie plate instead of cheese or nuts. Veggies are full

of nutrients and have a lower calorie density, especially if you don’t eat them with dip. Olives are a particularly good choice because they contain only three calories each, in comparison to a handful of peanuts, which contains 150 calories, according to dailymail.co.uk.
· Get only one plate on your first trip. This will help control portions and make you less tempted to go back for seconds, especially if you fill up more than you expected from the first plate. Also, try not to pile too much food on your one plate, which will also aid in preventing any spills and potential messes.

o   If you’re still hungry after your first plate, wait about 20 minutes. Many healthcare professionals say that it takes about this length of time for your brain to realize that your stomach is full, so hopefully you’ll be able to prevent eating when you’re not truly hungry.

· Though most holiday meals include an array of five to ten desserts, try skipping the sweets altogether, or at least limit your intake to one or a half-piece of two. Also, go for fruit with low-fat vanilla yogurt instead of holiday cookies. Pastries tend to contribute to weight gain the most, so be sure to take caution when approaching the dessert table.
By keeping caloric intake in mind through limiting your portions and making healthier food choices, you can make sure that Santa Claus will be the only one with the big gut this holiday season.

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